We are a full-service Retail Interior Design Agency based in  London with 20+ years experience in strategic design for:


Retail Environments, POS & Bespoke Build

We believe that Retail Design is the first key point of impact, where consumers will decide whether or not to buy.

Our key aim is to Turn Shoppers into Buyers.

We understand how a shopper shops.  And we can help her become a smart shopper.

So we create the retail design elements of your brand to work strategically & holistically together, ensuring your total brand communication is like a seamless garment …   

We take the shopper on a journey to remind her what she needs > helps her buy what she wants quickly > AND show her what’s new & exciting.  So she will feel more in control and informed by her shopping experience.

Beauty Salon & Spa Environments

Salon & beauty environments design today is about so much more than just a floorplan. 

It’s a story.  

From the moment the client approaches the front door the story begins and we design every single element in the environment to reflect the brand.



Exhibition design principles are very similar to retail design in a highly competitive arena where your brand needs standout.

At Ignite, we believe that every £, $, € invested in exhibitions is crucial. 

We believe it is vital that the Design Principles are worked to the core to ensure the best opportunity for customer engagement in your exhibition stand.

Be better than the competition. Avoid the predictable.