About Ignite

We are a full-service Retail Interior Design Agency based in the UK with 20+ years experience in strategic design for:

- Retail Environments, POS & Bespoke Build

- Beauty Salon & Spa Environments

- Exhibitions

Why choose Ignite Design for designing your retail store?

Although we have dedicated expertise in beauty, fashion and luxury goods,  we create stunning (yet practical) designs for all categories.  Based in London we work internationally or locally  and across all time zones.  And in conjunction with our design studio in Beijing we can provide a 24/7 service when speed to market focus is needed.  

We take pride in how we design interiors for retail stores, P.O.S, beauty salon environments & exhibition stands, combining shopper psychology + good business acumen with strategically creative and innovative design - which works!  Our in-store designs always produce an excellent YOY ROI.

So we are an agency who can help you to not only increase your profits but increase your customer base and will help you respond to your customers needs.


Reasons to work with Paula Dowie, expert in her field:

Where do we work?

We work with brands in London, Beijing, Moscow, Geneva, Mumbai, Shanghai, Vietnam, LA - wherever - and have delighted clients all over the world. From compelling design enhancement to complete store designs (and anywhere in between), we will tell your brand story beautifully in store.