Salon design is now about as sophisticated as it has ever been, but whilst the finishing touches are the fun part, it is absolutely vital to get the basics right – which all starts with professional salon design.

When planning a salon the first step should always be to consider your client and what their journey will entail.  Having worked with an impressive array of salons & training academies in the UK and globally, we are fully aware of the requirements of a modern salon.

We start by asking the salon owner what they are trying to do with their business and what type of client they are trying to attract.

For example, if it’s a busy salon on the High Street with a really energetic vibe, then placing styling chairs closely together is not a problem.  However, if it’s a destination salon then they will want to create an environment whereby clients have plenty of space.

Salon design today is about so much more than just a floorplan.  It’s a story. From the moment the client walks up to the front door the story begins and every single element needs to reflect the brand.

Gone are the days when designing the floor space was simply about fitting in however many chairs were needed in order to maximise turnover – yes, there are still the basic logistics of being able to have enough stations to make money, but it has never been so important to consider areas such as colour bars, chill out zones, retail and reception areas.

One of the most important areas to consider when designing a salon is the retail area – because this is the one area that will make you money without having to pay a member of staff to stand there all day!

A retail area is so vital in any salon.  You need to create an environment where clients are happy to browse around, where they don’t feel pressured into buying and where they can experience the products.

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7 Ways to MAXIMISE Your Retail Space with MINIMUM Costs


The primary purpose of retail space is to attract customers and convince them to buy your products. But what do you do if your shop has limited space but you have many lines of merchandise to display?

Overwhelming your shoppers by displaying too many products in a single space is certainly not a good idea. In this article we’ll go over some of the best practices to maximize your retail space so you can create a productive and enjoyable shopping experience for your customers.

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The secret to make the most of your retail space is to create specific themes for your merchandise and organize it accordingly within an overarching concept. This way, consumers can interact with your products and perceive the themed space as a reflection of themselves and their lifestyle. Here are 7 key principles to maximize your retail space with minimum costs:

1. Make your space LOOK LARGER and more inviting.  The illusion of a larger space can be easily created by differentiating a wall by using bold colors or using wallpapers, textures and fabrics that have an eye-catching effect. We recommend using vibrant bright colors which relate to your brand and create stand out.  This will grab the attention of your customers and direct it to your products, which is exactly the impact you’re looking for.   

2. MORE mirrors, MORE windows, MORE space. If you’re trying to enhance the style of your retail space and give it an airy feeling, you might want to consider using mirrors and windows.  A well placed mirror creates the illusion of depth, making the space look larger than it really is. A similar effect can be created by using windows or illusion of windows for an open space feel.

3. Make your displays ACCESSIBLE. The way you organize your merchandise and present it to your customers can impact your sales tremendously. It seems obvious, but a young customer, for example, would have no problem reaching for products located on a lower shelf whilst older customers might. Keeping your merchandise organized and displayed on multiple levels will make your products more accessible and appealing to customers.

4. Your space is NOT a CAR BOOT sale.  Filling a retail space with too many items is a bad idea. Instead, try to give some space to your merchandise and make it look inspirational. A useful tip would be to contrast larger and neutral colored products with smaller and cheerful colored ones.

5. Be CREATIVE with your product displays. Using shelves and retail cases to display your products in an effective way to save space is not very unique since other stores probably use the same system. As a retailer, you want to present your merchandise in a creative way that is most visually appealing to shoppers. This way, your customers will definitely remember your products and store.

6.  Bookcases make great space DIVIDERS. We have already discussed the importance of creating themed areas for your merchandise but how do you divide such spaces? One solution would be to use walls to limit one area from another but this solution is usually permanent. A more flexible solution would be to make use of tall bookcases.   

7. Create AMBIENCE with lighting. How you choose to illuminate your retail space is important. Spotlighting can be used to direct shoppers’ attention to certain products or you can create a particular ambience or mood by dimming the lights or using colour LEDs.


Moss Bros - Showrooming type store

Moss Bros, a well known formal wear retail store, has come up with the strategy that is focusing on the digital environment. Now, Moss Bros customers will have access to the store and will be able to use click and collect services. It has few branches around London. This is the first step by this retail store to move towards ecommerce side.

At a recent event in London, Moss Bros eCommerce director Neil Sansom said that a "showrooming store" of this nature would allow customers to make purchases online and have products delivered to the store or their home at a time convenient to them.

"We're at a very, very early stage of looking at what could be done, what types of technology could be used, what other people are doing – and really beginning to think through what something like this would look like," Sansom told Essential Retail.

Read full news here...

We just hope it proves out to be successful for Moss Bros. 

A property strategy is essential to target right customers. Paula Dowie, expert retail designer, has an experience in designing successful retail stores. Get in touch today.

New Technologies in Waitrose in Swindon branch...

The Swindon branch of waitrose which opened last month has installed new innovations and best in store systems. This branch has various tablet stations for the customers that would help them to discuss and decide what to buy along side the help from staff.

"Speaking last week at the grocer's new Swindon store, Price argued that Waitrose is "competing on all of these fronts" and said that his business is "going to be everything the discounters aren't" as it looks to continue increasing sales and its market share in the coming months."

Read more about the new technology installed here...

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Whats new in Beauty? - Ignite Review

Japonesque Beauty Brand - John Lewis - Complete turn-key solution by Ignite Design from Concept retail design to installation of 4 sites in 10 weeks.

Whats new in beauty?

Beauty DIY is Key:

Giving people what they want, how they want it is a key trend underlined by an even bigger trend, giving consumers the tools to do it themselves. It picks up on the interest of 'show your working' - type marketing in which luxury brands demonstrate their craft in a public, how-to format.

Customers appreciate knowing the provenance and craft behind their favourite products and when it comes to beauty, we're seeing an emerging lab-style workshop approach in retail laying out products in a help-yourself environment reminiscent of a beauty science lab. The effect is interactive and inviting rather than clinical - the laboratory being seen as a seductive place where magical alchemy happens.

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Japonesque - Retail design by Ignite

Ignite recently finished retail design for Japonesque. Completed turn-key solution from concept to installation of 4 sites in just 10 weeks.

Retail Design process:

- Management and production of all graphic applications from light box duratrans through to animated screen content to insure full integration and impact is provided to increase sales..

- Absolute communication with client and store to insure smooth transition from initial ideas to completion, to full satisfaction.

- Integration of all client and store specifications.

- Sourcing of all peripherals including furniture fixtures and lighting.

- Design and realisation of innovative modular product holders and planagrams for shelves and all other product areas including tester tables and Hero shelving.

- Initial floor plans including foot flow and brand visibility through to elevations and full design intent packages.

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Interior Design of Retail Store

Importance of interior design for a retail store

A good retail design is not by chance.  It requires research, understanding, experience and constant evaluation.  An appropriate design attracts to the mind and the heart and it increases customers preferences.  We believe interior design of a retail store is the creation of visual signals that convey what a brand stands for and distinguishes it in people's memory.

The interior design of retail store creates the constraints of overall design often the spaces already exists and have had many prior uses.  It is at this stage logistics must be determined, structural features like columns, stairways, ceiling heights, windows and emergency exists all must be fractured into the final interior design.  In retail all the available space must be utilised and have a purpose.

The floor plan creates the circulation which is very important in in store design because it ensures that the consumer moves through the store from front to back guiding them to important displays and in the end to the cashier.  There are basic six in store design layouts and circulation plans that all provide a different experience such as 

i) Straight Plan - This plan devise transitional areas from one part of the store to the other by using walls to display  merchandise.  It also leads the consumer to the back of the store.  This design can be used for a variety of stores ranging from Pharmacies to Apparels.  

ii) Pathway Plan -  This is most suitable for large stores that are single level.  In this plan, there is a path that is unobstructed by shop fixtures.  This smoothly guides  the consumer through to the back of the store.  This is well suited for Apparel department stores, as the clothes will be accessible.

iii) Diagonal Plan -  Diagonal Plan utilises perimeter design which cause angular traffic flow.  The cashier is in a central location and easily accessible.  This plan is most suited for self service retail store.  

In interior design of a store once the overall structure and circulation of space has been determined, the atmosphere and thematics of the space must be created through lighting, sound, material and visual branding.  These interior design elements have the greatest  impact on the consumer and thus the level of productivity that could be achieved. 

Concept behind Retail Design

How Retail Design Started?

Retail design is a very specialised, creative and commercial discipline. That combines several different areas of expertise together in the design and construction of retail space.  It incorporates elements of interior decoration, industrial design, graphic design and advertising.  The primary purpose of retail space is to stock and sell products to consumers., the space must be designed in a way that promotes and enjoyable and hassle free shopping experience for the consumer.  The space must be specially tailored to the kind of product being sold in the space for example a book store requires many large shelving units to accommodate small product that can be arranged categorically while a clothing store requires more open space to fully display products.  The store front must act as a billboard for the store, often implying large display windows that allow shoppers to see into the space and the product inside.  

Retail design first began to grow in the middle of the 19th century with stores such as "BonMarch" and a "Printemps" in Paris followed by Marshal Fields in Chicago, "Self Fridges" in London and "Macy's" in New York.  These early Retail Design stores were swiftly to continue with an innovation called the Chain Store.  The first chain store was opened in the early 20th centurry by Frank Winfield Woolworth.  After world war 2nd a new type of retain type building known as Shopping Centre came into being.  The next evolution was Boutique in the 1960s.  This rise made it to shift to compensate for increased customers and alternative focuses.  The rise of internet and internet retailing in the latter part of 20th century and into the 21st century saw another changes in the Retail Design to compensate.  Once the overall structure and circulation of the space has been determined, the atmosphere and thematics of the space must be created through lighting, sound, material and visual branding.  These design elements will cohesively have the greatest impact on the consumer and thus the level of productivity that could be achieved.

Retail Design boost sales - Ignite

Increase in Retail Sale

The increase in retail sales depends mostly on the conceptual retail design of the stores. An ideal retail store design is that portrays a well lit ambience with colourful lights and attractive background. The new and in vogue retail design consist of the following parameters:

  • Architecture

  • Furniture and Fixtures

  • Flooring

  • Lighting

  • Graphics

  • Visual Merchandising

Designing of a successful store with unique architecture, lighting highlights the ideas, which being replicated by every shopping mall to drive in foot traffic today.

Wide Circulation Space

The circulation space though limited in certain stores is made to appear bigger and wider with retail design coming to the fore. The impact is dramatic as it offers the customer ample room to make the choice in an instant. In this way the productivity level increases as the goods are sold out in no less time. Natural lights enhances poor visibility in the stores to make an eye catching effect on the client or consumer to make a purchase.

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Why retail design is important at commercial level?

Ignite ,based in the UK, has done retail designing for big brands like Aston Martin, Harrods, L'oreal and many more...

Why retail design is important for your store?

World Class Impact

The impact created by professional retail designs is overwhelming with updated new concepts and world class decorations that create adequate business space for retail chains to accommodate products that promotes easy manoeuvrability and freedom while shopping or transacting business. According to the configuration of the space the entry points, exit area, circulatory area, environment quality along with lighting and sound system is given the best pattern that creates dramatic impact on the customers.

Skilful Designs

Ignite Retail, does a very skilful job in designing the architecture, background, ceilings, floor patterns including, curved plan, perimeter design for angular traffic flow with transitional areas to display merchandise and create an inviting look from all end up. The impression the natural lights create among colored settings that are bright and vary with the space available for the perfect studio effect in all its totality. The material used is aesthetically pleasing with a minimum maintenance needed for its up keeping. The color contrast that they create is an excellent combination of the local flavor with international designs. 

Corporate Identity

The images on the walls form the main focal point of the overall ambience in the retail outlets and business places. Ignite Retail draw out unique and distinct commercial designs for a corporate identity and brand image accentuation in all categories in terms of growing success in the marketing corridors. They deliver successful designs that make the customers to spend adequate time in clean and eco-friendly environments. This enables the sales to soar higher and increase profit margins beyond expected horizons. The friendly site managers ensure that high levels of standards are maintained as per the client’s specifications and satisfaction for long term bonding and mutual commercial benefit. 

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Technology to rule out retail sector growth | Ignite Retail

The increasing interest in smartphones will rule out retail sale growth in the next decade. However, every retail store has set up a web store so people can buy stuff online at their own convenience.

The retailers have to take some strong action so they can succeed tomorrow.

According to the new reports produced by retail consultant Conlumino on behalf of retail property company Hammerson, owner of Birmingham’s Bullring Shopping Centre. The report expects average annual growth in retail spending of 2.4% between 2013 and 2022, an improvement of the 1.9% achieved over the past decade. By 2022, retail spending will have reached £377bn, up 26% on current levels.

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Ignite Design is a retail design agency based in London. They are just moving fast with time to help retailers to keep with the moving technology and changing shopping habits of consumers. At Ignite, we do all the research into your industry and business area to come up with best retail design strategies.

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Shoe retail store design ideas

Do you own a shoe store?

Here is a collection of some world's best shoe store retail design. They are simply awesome. From lighting to shoe display, everything holds its importance and nothing can't be ignored.

Check out these cool shoe stores:

Which one is your favourite? Check out more retail design ideas here

I recently visited Nike store on oxford store. The way they have put altogether makes the store looks so spacious and dispaly of shoes is excellent.

At ignite, we also strive to give our customers best possible retail designs so their customers can't stop coming to their store. We try and make the retail store easy to shop in and every product should be arranged in some kind of order.

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UK retail stores growth | Ignite Retail

News on Retail Design

In the month of February, UK retail stores sale grew at their fastest rate in more than three years, as the unexpected cold weather held shoppers back out onto the High Street. 

According to the British Retail Consortium (BRC) retail sales were up 2.7% on the previous year.
That is the fastest rate of like-for-like sales growth since December 2009, the group said.

Increasinf demands for electronic goods increased the retail sales all over the high street in the UK. 
        With the new reports on customer demands and pleasent weather forecast, retailers can take a sigh of relief.

Read more on UK retail stores on BBC

To benefit from the circumstances, a little bit of spending on retail designing would do no harm to retailers. With the increasing in the number of shoppers to the store, it is always a good idea to have retail section designed the way customer finds easy to shop. It avoids customer being dissapointed and makes things go smoother..

Ignite Retail aids customers with commercial retail designing and in store design work as well. Both are equally important to the store. According to Ignite, a strategic placement of products with proper displays that makes shopping fun for customers help to make happy customers.

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May Design Series | Ignite Retail

In the month of may, in London, there were four great shows.

"The world looks to Britain as the leaders of design, and London hasn¹t had a show that encompasses all the different sectors of industry... until now" - Vanessa Brady

In this great city of London, the May Design Series brings together four interior design events on retail and architectural communitites. This is show is very useful to find best furniture, accessories, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom stuff...

Read More on May Design Series here

You can also register to secure a space in the show.

At Ignite Retail, we help our clients to provide consultancy in retail design and commercial interior design that aids to increase retail sales.

Designing the interior of a retail space is a challenge and most important for the business. A retail designer is responsible for creating an environment which gives a pleasent experience to consumers while shopping.

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Redevelopment of Oxford Street | Ignite Retail

Westminster City Council, London has approved to remove some of the old existing buildings on the world's one of the most expensive streets 'Oxford Street' and is all ready to undergo a £195m redevelopment. 

It will be a great addition to UK's high street and beneficial for our consumers.

According to Richard Dickinson, chief executive of New West End Company, which represents businesses in Bond Street, Oxford Street and Regent Street, this redevelopmenet should take place ahead of Crossrail opening in 2018 which is another big project and aim to transport about 200,000 people every day.

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Retail stores in the UK are going through difficult times due to economic balance and delay in the summer season in the UK. Finally in the month of July, heat wave hit britain and hope to last for long. There is massive sale going on in Oxford Street in big brands like HnM, Mango, Next and many more...

Don't forget to make a trip...

At Ignite Retail, we strive to provide high class retail designing to the retail stores that helps both customers and owner to solve the purpose.

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Retail Sector - Business Rates Impact

The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) Select Committee, led an inquiry few weeks ago to find out how the increasing business rates system impact the retailers. This was launched after seeing the condition of the high streets with Jessops, HMV like big brands going into administration this year.

The work is being done by retail week and the british retail consortium to get a better business rates system to achieve the stable condition of high street.

Read More here

Ignite Retail is a retail design agency based in London also help retail store how to fight with difficult economic conditions and recession. At ignite, we have a team of professionals who are expert in retail designing and in store, brand marketing and many more.

We have worked with many big brands in th UK like D&G, OLAY, Harrods and many more...

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Checklist for effective instore design

In Store Design by Ignite

Are you planing to open a new store or redesign your retail store? The in store design is a key factor of success for all retail stores. It helps entice customers and make them purchase from your store. There are other factors which aid the success of store are marketing and advertising.
Effective In - Store design Checklist :

  • The in store design should have some attractive theme that reflects the values of your store.
  • Your store layout should be easy to walk around. All the things should be organised so it makes shopping for the customers effortless. Also for your staff to work around the store.
  • The space should be used wisely. It shouldn't overcrowd the store as it may disappoint the customers. All the retail products should be categorised efficiently.

Paula Dowie, is the managing director of Ignite Retail, retail design company in the UK. She has been working in this field for many years and designed high end retail store for many big brands. She believes implementing an effective in store design requires team of professionals.

Get in touch with us. We will assist you with conceptual designing of your store.

Ignite’s Growing Reputation leads to Company Relocation

Following a successful series of retail design projects completed recently for a growing client base of companies operating across the luxury goods and premium beauty sectors, Ignite Retail Design has relocated its principal design and innovation office to Wandsworth in South West London.

Having always been based in the London area, Managing Partner Paula Dowie felt it was important to stay in an area with good connections.

“The move builds upon what has been a very encouraging period for the company,” says Paula. “All of our work comes through recommendation and so we have been thrilled to have worked over recent months with some of the biggest names in luxury retailing, as well as some of the internationally best known beauty and drinks firms, world leaders like Harrods, Grant Macdonald, Procter & Gamble, Lancôme Parim, Heineken and Drambuie.”

Ignite Retail Design is now based at 4 Morie Street, London SW18 1SL.

To find out more about Ignite Retail Design’s creative and flexible approach to all design and retail promotional work contact Paula Dowie direct on 020 8870 3240 or email her at paula.dowie@igniteretail.com.

The Importance of Retail Design

Now, more than ever, Retail design involves more than just creating the physical space in which the goods are sold. Retail design encompasses an understanding of what will work aesthetically in a retail environment and includes tangible elements (fixtures / communication / materials) and intangible design elements (the atmospherics and ambience), as well as including how the store will perform functionally and commercially, what the brand objectives are, how customers will interact with the brand and delivering the new design to an agreed budget.

Importance of Retail Design

For any business customers are important. Retail design is a key element to draw customers to the shop. With the large windows outside, it helps to catch attention of the passers by and give them the idea of the product inside. 

A creative and professional retail designer must create an astounding experience for the customers by using the space to the maximum that will charm the customers to purchase goods.

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