Salon design is now about as sophisticated as it has ever been, but whilst the finishing touches are the fun part, it is absolutely vital to get the basics right – which all starts with professional salon design.

When planning a salon the first step should always be to consider your client and what their journey will entail.  Having worked with an impressive array of salons & training academies in the UK and globally, we are fully aware of the requirements of a modern salon.

We start by asking the salon owner what they are trying to do with their business and what type of client they are trying to attract.

For example, if it’s a busy salon on the High Street with a really energetic vibe, then placing styling chairs closely together is not a problem.  However, if it’s a destination salon then they will want to create an environment whereby clients have plenty of space.

Salon design today is about so much more than just a floorplan.  It’s a story. From the moment the client walks up to the front door the story begins and every single element needs to reflect the brand.

Gone are the days when designing the floor space was simply about fitting in however many chairs were needed in order to maximise turnover – yes, there are still the basic logistics of being able to have enough stations to make money, but it has never been so important to consider areas such as colour bars, chill out zones, retail and reception areas.

One of the most important areas to consider when designing a salon is the retail area – because this is the one area that will make you money without having to pay a member of staff to stand there all day!

A retail area is so vital in any salon.  You need to create an environment where clients are happy to browse around, where they don’t feel pressured into buying and where they can experience the products.

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