7 Ways to MAXIMISE Your Retail Space with MINIMUM Costs


The primary purpose of retail space is to attract customers and convince them to buy your products. But what do you do if your shop has limited space but you have many lines of merchandise to display?

Overwhelming your shoppers by displaying too many products in a single space is certainly not a good idea. In this article we’ll go over some of the best practices to maximize your retail space so you can create a productive and enjoyable shopping experience for your customers.

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The secret to make the most of your retail space is to create specific themes for your merchandise and organize it accordingly within an overarching concept. This way, consumers can interact with your products and perceive the themed space as a reflection of themselves and their lifestyle. Here are 7 key principles to maximize your retail space with minimum costs:

1. Make your space LOOK LARGER and more inviting.  The illusion of a larger space can be easily created by differentiating a wall by using bold colors or using wallpapers, textures and fabrics that have an eye-catching effect. We recommend using vibrant bright colors which relate to your brand and create stand out.  This will grab the attention of your customers and direct it to your products, which is exactly the impact you’re looking for.   

2. MORE mirrors, MORE windows, MORE space. If you’re trying to enhance the style of your retail space and give it an airy feeling, you might want to consider using mirrors and windows.  A well placed mirror creates the illusion of depth, making the space look larger than it really is. A similar effect can be created by using windows or illusion of windows for an open space feel.

3. Make your displays ACCESSIBLE. The way you organize your merchandise and present it to your customers can impact your sales tremendously. It seems obvious, but a young customer, for example, would have no problem reaching for products located on a lower shelf whilst older customers might. Keeping your merchandise organized and displayed on multiple levels will make your products more accessible and appealing to customers.

4. Your space is NOT a CAR BOOT sale.  Filling a retail space with too many items is a bad idea. Instead, try to give some space to your merchandise and make it look inspirational. A useful tip would be to contrast larger and neutral colored products with smaller and cheerful colored ones.

5. Be CREATIVE with your product displays. Using shelves and retail cases to display your products in an effective way to save space is not very unique since other stores probably use the same system. As a retailer, you want to present your merchandise in a creative way that is most visually appealing to shoppers. This way, your customers will definitely remember your products and store.

6.  Bookcases make great space DIVIDERS. We have already discussed the importance of creating themed areas for your merchandise but how do you divide such spaces? One solution would be to use walls to limit one area from another but this solution is usually permanent. A more flexible solution would be to make use of tall bookcases.   

7. Create AMBIENCE with lighting. How you choose to illuminate your retail space is important. Spotlighting can be used to direct shoppers’ attention to certain products or you can create a particular ambience or mood by dimming the lights or using colour LEDs.